Quartz Kitchens and Worktops



Silestone® is the world’s leading producer of quartz surfaces designed for high-quality kitchens and bathrooms, including countertops and sinks with advanced bacteristatic technology.

Silestone® is the only brand that offers a certified written warranty. Only a global leader could once again draw ahead of the pack and offer a genuine 25-year transferable warranty for Silestone®


Guaranteed quality    Stain-resistant    Acid-resistant   Scratch-resistant   Impact-resistant   Different textures   Wide range of colours    Natural quartz    Silestone N-BOOST  Available on select products

Silestone® Integrity Sinks

The stylish Integrity sinks are made from one piece of Silestone with no weak areas or joints, which integrate seamlessly with your worktops for a continuous sleek design.

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Available in a wide range of colours, the  sinks are available in two sizes 37 x 34x 15.5 cm, ideal for a double sink, and 37 x 51 x 15.5 cm for a smaller single sink and benefit from clean straight lines for drainage. They also have all of the benefits of Silestone work surfaces, including a high resistance to scratches, stain and heat, as well as bacteriostatic protection.

Great British Stone are an approved fabricator of Silestone® quartz silestone approved



Caesarstone is a premium quartz surface, which can be used in both residential and commercial projects, as worktops, vanities, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces.
Caesarstone combines beauty with outstanding performance,and with a 25 Year Warranty can meet all internal requirements.

Durable Durable      Easy care and maintenance  Easy Care & Maintenance      Scratch & stain resistant  Scratch & Stain Resistant    Design flexibility  Design Flexibility   Easy to install   Easy to Install



Çimstone is a quartz-based compound stone combining the natural stone textures with the robustness of quartz.

Çimstone has a 10 Year Warranty and offers easy to clean surfaces, an anti-bacterial hygienic composition and can be applied to such areas as internal walls, facades, stairs, window sills, skirting and flooring.

  Resistant to Acid & Bases   Resistant to Wear & Scratches    Suitable for different areas



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