• Durable
  • Easy Care & Maintenance
  • Scratch & Stain Resistant
  • Design Flexibility
  • Easy to Install

Caesarstone is a premium Quartz surface, which can be used in both residential and commercial projects, as worktops, vanities, wall cladding, floors, and other interior surfaces. Caesarstone offer three collections; Supernatural Collection, Metropolitan Collection and Classico Collection.

The Caesarstone Promise

Because we know that our Caesarstone worktops can withstand everything daily life throws at them, we offer a 25-year warranty across all of our products for complete peace of mind. You can register your warranty online by providing personal details, installation date and where the worktops were purchased from.

Bloomstones London

Composite – Quartz

Natural – Granite, Marble and Quartzsite

Our team of passionate curators have an eye for the best quality materials with the most fascinating movements available from all over the world. The vision is to offer an unique, personable experience that allows fabricators, designers and end users alike an opportunity to not only get up close and personal with our materials but to also get honest, accurate advice and information about our materials.

We offer a 10-year warranty on our product which needs to be activated within 30 days of your purchase from Bloomstones London.

Silestone By Cosentino

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Stain-resistant
  • Acid-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Different textures
  • Wide range of colours
  • Natural quartz
  • Available on select products

Silestone is the world’s leading producer of Quartz surfaces designed for high-quality kitchens and bathrooms, including countertops and sinks with advanced bacteriostatic technology, it is a hybrid surface comprising minerals and recycled materials, manufactured by using the exclusive and innovative HybriQ+ technology. It is an excellent surface for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors, and wall cladding using the minimum number of joints.

Silestone is the only brand that offers a certified warranty, in writing, which needs to be activated. Only a global leader, one which is the largest producer of home surfaces, could once again draw ahead of the pack and offer a genuine 25-year warranty for Silestone.

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